Many people including myself use photo sharing sites and social networking sites to post and share photos. It came to me one day that since I have my website why don’t I just use it to post my random photos there? These photos do not necessarily belong to any theme or have a specific story behind them, and they may not be particularly good enough that I would say that they are part of my portfolio collection. They are simply photos that I found interesting that I would like to share and would have (might already have) posted on a photo sharing website.

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DSC00755DSC09632DSC09326P_20160430_170406P_20160326_190712DSC07233DSC07236WP_20150808_21_56_31_Pro__highresIMG_1133Adrian's Phone_20150514_17_46_10_Pro__highresDSC05624IMG_1151IMG_6238IMG_5335IMG_0949IMG_5485DSC00663imageDSC00986DSC00972DSC00431DSC00102IMG_3499IMG_3395DSC08285DSC06953IMG_2698DSC04947FH000034DSC04808DSC04615DSC04442ph_yosakoi_2012DSC04328_DSC2979_DSC3109_DSC2510What's in my BagBicycle_DSC2418IMG_2222 by .Red Lantern by Adrian Lee.FutsalGundam CafeBeer!Bianchi_DSC0711_DSC0251_DSC0414_DSC0284_5_6_tonemappedmini crossoverMoonKaki Goya10KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA by .TMS00044photo (2)